My name is Matteo and I have just started Yoga in this Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. I will turn 35 this year and I can say that my body is not in the same shape than 10 years ago (even less). I am certain that a daily practice of asanas will help me to manage my first aging.
I should not say that I have just started Yoga as Yoga is everywhere in our life, that is something that we discover when we study Yoga. When I was young, I used to practice sport twice a day to become a champion in athletics. Then I have been able to integrate a special force in the
French army, before leaving for a peaceful life with 6 months of vacation a year and concentrate this time to meditation, spiritual experiences, psychology trainings…
As yoga is a part of the eternal truth, I can find yoga in all of my experiences which are my first
teacher. I grew up alone without family, this non-attachment environment allows me to questioning life and human earlier than usual. The ambition to become a champion in sport gave me self-discipline in diet, life style and health. I practiced 400m Huddlers and Decathlon
and this kind of efforts teach you how to become master of your body and the way to breath.
Later, when I was centered to heal my psychology concerns, I learnt hypnosis and meditation.
Influenced by Carl Gustav Jung (a swiss psychoanalyst inspired by Asiatic philosophies), I am guided by the Self who helps with my intuitions to become the creator of my life.
I will turn 35 this year and I have been lucky to experience these intense and diversified lessons.
However, if I entered in Yoga when I was a child, I would have (maybe) understood my way
earlier. But it was certainly not my path…
Yoga is a way to accomplish the human experience which isthe incarnation of a consciousness
into a human body. Before coming back to the consciousness, the human should act as a human: individually (Yama) and collectively (Niyama). To achieve this incarnation, the human
should master his body movement (Asana) and of his breathing (Pranayama). Then in considering the brain as an antenna instead of a library, this antenna should be trained to
improve the relation between the mind and the body (Pratyara), to improve also the performance of the mind (Dharana) in order to ease the meditation (Dyhana) which helps to heal the Ego to reach the Self (Samadhi).
I stopped any physical activity since I had surgery on my knee at 28, I am tired to run because it reminds me hours of training, I tried gym studios, but I am not feeling good with the mood
and vibes. With 6 months of vacation, I am stealing my time life with restaurants, alcohol,parties…
Over 30 years old, there are more cells dying than new cells in our body, that is the first aging.
I am experiencing it today and things go fast, especially time when we leave it on his own pace.
I decided that I will practice Asana and Pranayama on a daily basis. I have already experienced
the advantages and how fast it can come back. For example, I used to do some gymnastic to
improve my performances on high jump and pole vault and ten years ago, I was easily able to do hand stand from a hand to foot pose but never since. So, I was very surprised when after 4 days of YTT, I performed it again.
I am convinced that the body has a memory and earlier you come back to physical exercises, slower is your biological aging.
Besides, thirty-year-old is the time where people start a routine life with Job / Car / Family…with no self-activity, lot of stress and a non-proper diet.
In unifying mind and body, Yoga practices on a regular basis can help the thirties to postpone first aging.
I have selected 3 asanas and 1 pranayama which can help to manage aging:
1. Dynamic Spiral Twist
Sit on the floor with both legs outstretched
Abduction of one leg to separate them
Stretch your arms sideways at shoulder level
Twist to touch left foot with right hand and right foot with left hand
Gaze the hand who twist behind in turning the head on the same way
of the twist
Exhale when you twist and inhale when you come back to center
With a lack of physical activity, aging could cause back pain. First, the
loss of back muscle is the first reason of pain. This asana mobilizes your
back muscle. Secondly, the lumbar vertebra can lose rotation
movement when you do not use it. This asana will prevent from these
issues in removing stiffness and increasing flexibility.

2. Wind Releasing Pose

Leg squat with the feet about 1 meter apart
Grasp the feet in placing the fingers under the soles with the thumb
Stretch legs and back in maintaining the hands with the feet.
Inhale when you go down and exhale when you raise your buttocks with
outer and inner retention of 3 seconds.

Complete beneficial effects on nerves and muscle of the thighs, knees,
shoulder, arms and neck.

3.Mountain Pose

Feet and Hands on the floor (fully)
Legs stretched and joined together
Arms straighten about 1m far from your feet
Stretching nerves and muscles in the limbs and back
Stimulation of the blood circulation

4. Exploration of sound pose
Sit on a comfortable position with the heels drawn up to the buttocks
Flat the feet with the knee raised and put your elbows on it
Plug your ears with the thumbs and place the other fingers on the head
Make sure you are in a stable position
Close your eyes and relax the whole body
Lips should be remain gently closed with the teeth slightly separated
throughout the practice to allows the sound vibration to be heard and
left more distinctly
Awareness to the center of the head (Ajna Chakra)
Inhale with nostril and exhale slowly and in a controlled manner while
making a deep, steady humming sound like that of the black bee
The sound should be soft and mellow, making reverberation to the head
Release stress and cerebral tension
Harmonize mind and put the awareness inward
The 4 practices can be helpful for everyone. Please follow contra-indications.
As I mentioned earlier, the first aging is the time to change or improve our habits:

  • Caffeine should be avoided after noon to improve the depth of the sleep at night
  • Meat, alcohol, restaurants, sugar should be first reduced to the end of the week
  • The alimentation should consider season vegetables
    These few advices will reduce the acidity of the blood and increase flexibility and comfort to the one who wants to.

When the first aging gets up, it is a time to act before it is too late or too hard. Our body needs
our full attention, it is our means of transport. To be able to reach the full consciousness, we
should take care of him. Yoga is a perfect way to do so.
About me, I started here to stop meat and alcohol and I will continue this year.
I will practice asana and pranayama by my own, on a daily basis. I feel that it will put comfort
and stability in my life. This is my path, like another chapter of my life.

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