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Swami Bipin Gyan Ji is the founder of Gyan Yog Breath. He is a truthful yogi who has devoted his entire life to the yogic path. At the early age of 8 years, he began to practise meditation. At that time he didn’t know the reason behind it yet. He left his family at 18 years old in order to completely surrender to meditation. Swami Bipin Gyan walked more than 300 km by foot to Manali and Kedarnath to live in caves and near riverbanks. Isolated from modern civilisation, he maintained silence for 7 years. He had more than 80 divine visions, completed 40 days of fasting and lived mostly of fruits and water during his years in silence. Some days he practised meditation for 24 hours and slept only 1 or 2 hours per night as he felt a lot of energy and awareness.

Swami Ji remembers this period of his life and describes it as blissful and simple.

After the silence, he walked to Rishikesh, the holy city, to share his experience and wisdom with spiritual seekers.

It seemed to be difficult to adjust to the society life for him, so he left Rishikesh again for another couple of years to continue his meditation practice in the deep Himalayan mountains.

When he returned to Rishikesh the second time, it was the right time for him to stay. Eventually he founded Gyan Yog Breath in 2008. Since then, he has been guiding more than 1500 international students.

He teaches Emotional Blockage® Treatment, Meditation and Transformational Breathing. The Emotional Blockage® Treatment is a practical healing therapy to release accumulated energy
blocks. He established this technique during his years of silence.

The Emotional Blockage® Treatment is exclusively taught at Gyan Yog Breath.

With his team of Himalayan yogis, he established comprehensive and life-changing yoga teacher training programs, suitable for all levels and backgrounds. He wanted to help people to feel more relaxed, connect to themselves and share the power of yoga and meditation.

The yoga teacher training programs at Gyan Yog Breath are especially designed for practitioners who wish to gain mental clarity, implement self-love and develop a healthy and peaceful life-style.


Yoga Teacher

Swami Alookhad a “normal” life and worked an office job in Uttar Pradesh, India. He was content with his life and family. Unexpectedly his wife and son died which left him with grief and desperation. He turned to yoga and meditation in order to overcome his loss and deep-rooted sadness. He didn’t understand what has happened and why.

He quit his job, left his home and began to search for answers. Swami Ji spent many years studying the Vedic Scriptures, learning from his Guruji and practising yoga.

He finally felt that something changed and began to accept the unpredictable life. Since the beginnings of Gyan Yog Breath, Swami Alook has been part of the team and continues to share his calmness.


Yoga Teacher

DR Vipul Arya Ji grew up in the north of India. Under the guidance of his parents, he began his spiritual and physical pursuit of yoga at an early age.

After school, he studied Yogic Science, Sanskrit and Ayurveda. He holds a PhD in Yogic Science and Ayurveda. He completed another Master degree in Sanskrit to deepen his practice.

While working as a lecturer at the University of Haridwar, he completed another Post Graduate Dimploma Course in Yoga and Holistic Health.

He loves to teach, learn and advance his existing knowledge.

DR Vipul Arya is especially interested in Ayurveda and the Yogic Therapeutic System. He published many dissertations about yoga and has been invited multiple times to the international yoga conference. His research papers about yoga have been published in some famous yoga magazines.

Vipul Ji enjoys to teach asana, philosophy and Ayurveda. His teaching methodology focuses on opening psychic energy channels, mental peace and pranic healing.

It is important for him to teach with a scientific approach so that his students can connect practice with theory.

The yoga teacher training students at Gyan Yog Breath love his classes because he teaches each posture with proper alignment and a perfect balance of strength and relaxing poses in a loving and peaceful environment.


Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher