• Yoga for Anti-Aging

    My name is Matteo and I have just started Yoga in this Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. I will turn 35 this year and I can say that my body is not in the same shape than 10 years ago (even less). I am certain that a daily practice of asanas will help me to manage my first aging.
    I should not say that I have just started Yoga as Yoga is everywhere in our life, that is something that we discover when we study Yoga. When I was young, I used to practice sport twice a day to become a champion in athletics. Then I have been able to integrate a special force in the
    French army, before leaving for a peaceful life with 6 months of vacation a year and concentrate this time to meditation, spiritual experiences, psychology trainings…

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  • How Yoga Can Improve Your Mental Well-Being

    Do you know these days where you have planned a beautiful day with your friends? Going out in the park and having picknick, swimming in the lake and joining a party in the evening? But something inside you cannot release. You feel very uncomfortable and you find it hard to have any positive thoughts or feelings? There is a cloud of unexplainable lethargy over you. Everyone seems to be so happy except of you. And this is just one of many days.
    I tell you, you are not alone. The are actually a lot of people (including me) that are suffering or suffered from a lot of mental discomfort because of negative thoughts, anxiety or insecureties. This topic is so important and should not be neglected.

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  • How to live a positive life with Yoga

    How to live a positive life with Yoga Yoga is a state of being. A state of presence, oneness and connection with the Universe. Recognizing the essence of yoga, changes one’s mindset to think positively on and off the mat. A positive attitude uplifts ourselves and others to embrace their highest selves in this human experience. Thus, we create self-love, fulfilling careers, loving relationships and an awareness of our role on earth. To me, yoga is a connection of the mind and body with the present moment. It is an unlearning of fear and reconnection to love. According to ‘Four Chapters on Freedom’, yoga is blocking patterns of consciousness. It is disconnecting with thought patterns and reconnecting to the universal mind, based on presence, stillness, peace and ultimately, reality. Through connecting with my breath, I’ve been able clear negative thoughts and connect with the moment. Clearing the mind births the […]

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  • Overcoming An Eating Disorder Through Yoga & Gaining a Better Body Image

    On this essay I’m going to talk about yoga from my personal point of you. I think that yoga is a really spiritual and ancient practice but his beauty is that it can be incorporate in the daily life and everyone can benefit from it. As we know the word Yoga means unity and that is exactly the reason why it resonate with me so strongly and deeply. When I first get in touch with yoga 5 years ago I was in a really bad place, I’ve suffered from eating disorders for most of my life and I tried many therapies, I’ve been in hospitals many times but nothing seemed to work. When you suffer from anorexia, or any other eating disorder, one or the main points is that your mind disconnect from your body and you are not able to see yourself like you really are, neither you are […]

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