• How to Get to Know Yourself With YOGA

    Each one of us is unique in this world. We are born equal, with the same intellect and also with all the tools inside to exploit our own potential and to get the best of what we have. But even though we are a shiny diamond, we have a veil of illusion that only lets us see the rock, and not the bright diamond beneath. Most of us are ignorant of our own true nature and that brings us pain, instability and insecurities. And when you don’t know yourself , everything

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  • Comment le yoga peut aider à surmonter la dépression

    Il semble juste de dire que nous vivons dans une société qui cherche à vendre un bonheur illusionnel. Plus nous
    tentons d’accéder à ce bonheur, plus il semble nous échapper. Nous sommes gavés de sécurités matérielles et
    relationnelles, dans cette roue qui tourne continuellemment, avec des idées distortionnées de ce que représente le réel bonheur.
    Ceci étant dit, dans une telle société, il est primordial de trouver le temps de revenir à soi. Le yoga représente une excellente pratique pour évoluer sur les plans physique, mental, émotionnel et spirituel. Il permet d’ouvrir sa con-science, de retrouver une paix intérieure. Pour plusieurs, il apporte un sens à la vie, d’où son importance.

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  • Yoga for Anti-Aging

    My name is Matteo and I have just started Yoga in this Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. I will turn 35 this year and I can say that my body is not in the same shape than 10 years ago (even less). I am certain that a daily practice of asanas will help me to manage my first aging.
    I should not say that I have just started Yoga as Yoga is everywhere in our life, that is something that we discover when we study Yoga. When I was young, I used to practice sport twice a day to become a champion in athletics. Then I have been able to integrate a special force in the
    French army, before leaving for a peaceful life with 6 months of vacation a year and concentrate this time to meditation, spiritual experiences, psychology trainings…

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  • How Yoga Can Improve Your Mental Well-Being

    Do you know these days where you have planned a beautiful day with your friends? Going out in the park and having picknick, swimming in the lake and joining a party in the evening? But something inside you cannot release. You feel very uncomfortable and you find it hard to have any positive thoughts or feelings? There is a cloud of unexplainable lethargy over you. Everyone seems to be so happy except of you. And this is just one of many days.
    I tell you, you are not alone. The are actually a lot of people (including me) that are suffering or suffered from a lot of mental discomfort because of negative thoughts, anxiety or insecureties. This topic is so important and should not be neglected.

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  • 5 Steps to Improve the Way You Feel About Your Body

    Imagine being able to somehow communicate with your body and therefore loving your body more intensely. Clearly, yoga is much more than a healthy relationship with your body. It spans from relaxing your mind, to connecting with your soul to finding a life path which is more true to yourself. I truly think that there is nothing better than yoga practice. If you take the time to close the door behind you and focus on the asanas and the breathing for an hour or two a couple of times a week, miracles will start to happen. I started to feel more connected to my body and consequently love my body more. It was almost as if I can have a conversation with my limbs and find harmony between what I want to do and how the muscles and joints will react to it.

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  • How to live a positive life with Yoga

    How to live a positive life with Yoga Yoga is a state of being. A state of presence, oneness and connection with the Universe. Recognizing the essence of yoga, changes one’s mindset to think positively on and off the mat. A positive attitude uplifts ourselves and others to embrace their highest selves in this human experience. Thus, we create self-love, fulfilling careers, loving relationships and an awareness of our role on earth. To me, yoga is a connection of the mind and body with the present moment. It is an unlearning of fear and reconnection to love. According to ‘Four Chapters on Freedom’, yoga is blocking patterns of consciousness. It is disconnecting with thought patterns and reconnecting to the universal mind, based on presence, stillness, peace and ultimately, reality. Through connecting with my breath, I’ve been able clear negative thoughts and connect with the moment. Clearing the mind births the […]

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  • Yoga Makes You Happy

    Yoga Makes You Happy In modern lives everything is happening really fast; we can have anything we want, when we want, the way we want. We connect with people far away, in different time zones and have insights about their lives just by scrolling our own smartphones checking their social media accounts. We constantly compare our lives with them with the illusion that they have better conditions than us when in reality what we see online is only a frame of the best part of them. This hectic life we have been living is making most of us sad and sick without even noticing the real reason why. One of the most important things; and by the way we take it for granted; is something really simple and it does not cost a single penny, our breath. The practice of deep breathing can help us to avoid the “fight or […]

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  • How Yoga can help you to connect with yourself

    How Yoga can help you to connect with yourself Yoga. Ever since I discovered this beautiful practise, I felt like there was still so much more to discover and to learn about it. I barely even scratched the surface of what there´s still to come, to know, to learn. So now, I will tell you about what I have learned about yoga so far and how it helped me on my personal journey. Yoga is not only about toning your physical body, but also helping you to put your mind in the right place. This practise helps you to balance body and mind. The calmer the body, the calmer the mind and the soul. Once your body is completely in line with itself and fully balanced, you will be able to enter a meditative state way easier from here. Yoga is preparing and prepping your body for the higher stages […]

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  • Yoga teacher training na India

    Quando eu cheguei na India em marco de 2018 senti uma energia muito forte no meu coração, como se eu pertencesse aquele lugar, tive a certeza de que não era a primeira vez que eu estava pisando nessas terras, a nossa historia era de longa data. Já praticava yoga há mais de um ano, a única coisa que eu tinha certeza que queria fazer na índia era passar umas semanas em um Ashram. Encontrei um Ashram no Sul, com aulas de yoga, meditação, bem como eu tinha imaginado. Fiquei la por duas semanas e foi durante essas duas semanas que recebi um chamado para fazer o curso para dar aula de yoga. Senti que precisava dividir todo esse amor que eu estava sentindo no meu coração com outras pessoas. O meu desejo era de fazer o curso em algum lugar perto das montanhas dos himalaias, foi então comecei a buscar […]

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  • Yoga as a Tool to Find Yourself and Inner Strength

    Introduction Life is always speaking to you and guiding you towards fulfilment. At times, you may not have a complete understanding of your path, but through Yoga you can learn to listen to your body and realize how powerful the energy you have is. Yoga creates a perfect harmony between your body,mind and soul. Your body and mind are connected in a very deep way. The practice of the asanas integrates and harmonizes body and mind. Through asanas your body releases mental tensions you may be dealing with on a physical level. It allows you to listen to what your body is telling you without any judgment, embracing anything that comes to you. It makes you get into contact with parts of yourself that you didn’t even know were there. When you recognize all parts of you and accept yourself exactly as you are, as light and dark, sun and […]

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