The Intensive 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training for Yoga Teachers and Advanced Yoga Practitioners

Expand your existing knowledge and uncover the next layer of your teaching journey

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This 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will elevate your practice to the next level

Yoga Teachers leave this course as confident and joyful individuals who have gained diverse skills in their way of teaching yoga. You can expect to re-fresh all asana names in Sanskrit, learn the knows and how’s of counter-postures and alignment and establish a better connection with yourself.

The Yoga Alliance registered 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training aims to build up a more advanced knowledge and fine-tune your practice and intuitive expression.

When is the next training?

Course Dates in 2019

August 2019: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 01/08/2019-25/08/2019 – Currently no availability

September 2019: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 01/09/2019-25/09/2019 – Currently no availability

October 2019: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 01/10/2019-25/10/2019 – Currently no availability

November 2019: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 01/11/2019-25/11/2019 – Currently no availability

Course Dates in 2020

January 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 06/01/2020-30/01/2020 – 6 Seats

February 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 03/02/2020-27/02/2020 – Currently no availability

March 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 03/02/2020-27/02/2020 – Currently no availability

April 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 03/02/2020-27/02/2020 – Currently no availability

May 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 03/02/2020-27/02/2020 – Currently no availability

June 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 03/02/2020-27/02/2020 – Currently no availability

July 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 01/07/2020-25/07/2020 – Currently no availability

August 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 01/08/2020-25/08/2020 – Currently no availability

September 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 01/09/2020-25/09/2020 – Currently no availability

October 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 01/10/2020-25/10/2020 – Currently no availability

November 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 01/11/2020-25/11/2020 – Currently no availability

December 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 01/12/2020-25/12/2020 – 8 Seats



What’s the Schedule like at Gyan Yog Breath Yoga Teacher Training School?

6:00 AM

We start the day with Shatkarma or Shatkriya which are necessary parts of yoga to eliminate toxins, mucous blockages and headache. During the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, you will cover all six shatkarma (six actions) techniques.

7:00 AM

The Pranayama classes are designed to ground you, purify your body and mind. You will learn various techniques on top of your existing knowledge and have the opportunities to teach pranayama classes as well.

7:30 AM
Tea and Snack

Enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea

7:45 AM
Ashtanga Asana

Daily Ashtanga classes provide you with a more diverse training and enrichment of your practice. Incorporating another yoga style into your classes will help to design challenging yet flowing classes.

8:45 AM
Hatha Asana

The morning hatha asana practice is about advancing your yoga practice to more advanced levels. The asana teacher will give you personal attention to gain flexibility and preciseness.

10:00 AM

Re-charge the temple of your soul, your body, with a nourishing breakfast. For breakfast you will be served oats with home-made coconut or soy milk, fresh fruits, dalia, poha, bread, home-made peanut butter or aloo paratha.

11:00 AM
Anatomy or Alignment 

The Anatomy lesson aims to connect your knowledge of asana with the anatomy and physiology behind it. Study advanced and intermediate postures in relation to their muscular movements. With various case examples and an interactive outline, you will learn become more professional in your explanations and alignment.
The Alignment classes will cover all advanced postures and teach you how to perfectly perform, align and explain them.

12:00 PM
Philosophyor Ayurveda

The philosophy classes will cover in-depth study of the Vedic scriptures. You will study the Gita, Principles of yoga, Ethics, Patanjali Yog Sutras and how to apply yogic philosophy into your everyday life.
The Ayurveda aspect of the course aims to give you a broad understanding about the pitta, vata, kaphadoshas and how to balance your body using the right combinations, properties and nutrition. This class is held by our gold medallist Dr Vipul Arya.

1:00 PM

Nourish your body with well-selected vegetables, proteins, grains and salads to restore. All meals are prepared with much love and ayurvedic herbs that aid in digestion.

2:00 PM
Karma Yoga

Contribute to a clean and healthy environment. You get to re-plant new plants (roses, tulsi, flowers, aloe vera& more), do social work with slum children or paint/create.

2:30 PM
Break & Study Time

Take a nap, reflect, study or explore the beautiful city with your new yogi friends.

4:00 PM

The afternoon asana practice connects you to your body and develops self-realization, acceptance and strength. It will challenge, motivate and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.
Learn to use various props (belts, blocks, pillows, wall) to adjust your posture and gain some secret tips on how to design you own classes with confidence and ease.

positive life with yoga

6:00 PM
Emotional Blockage or Meditation

The stress of the modern lifestyle can create tension and suppression of emotions. Through Emotional Blockage® you will learn how to release these blockages and have your energy flow at its maximum again. Remove past trauma, pain and repetitive negative thoughts through this unique course module introduced by Swami Bipin Gyan.
The Meditation practices focus on keeping yourself grounded and your emotional freedom balanced. You will cover various techniques such as Transformational Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Om Meditation, Silent Meditation, Candle Light Meditation and much more. You will be able to teach Meditation as well during the course.

7:30 PM

During your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, you will be served three delicious vegetarian meals per – including Sundays.

Course Fee

The regular course fee of  our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India is: 2200 USD 4300 USD for two people

You can get an early-bird discount on advanced booking!

  • Book your seat 2 months before course start & the fee will be 2100 USD or 4100 USD for two students
  • Book your seat 3 months before course start & the fee will be 2000 USD or 3900 USD for two students
  • Book your seat 4 months before course start & the fee will be 1900 USD or 3700 USD for two students


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