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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

200 hour yoga teacher training is the foundation of every aspiring yoga teacher/instructor to teach the ancient art of yoga across the world. This is the threshold standard set by the Yoga Alliance, USA. After the completion of 200 hour yoga teacher training from a RYS 200 Yoga School, the certified yoga teachers are eligible to get registered with Yoga Alliance, USA for a designation of RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher at 200hrs Level) required to teach the ancient art of yoga across the world. 

Gyan Yog Breath, a RYS 200 yoga school, is offering a comprehensive 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India. In this training, we focus on the traditional teaching of yoga. It will help you to intensify and master yoga asanas with their subtle understanding and effects on mind & body. The participants will have an intense understanding of all aspects of yoga including philosophy, asanas, pranayama, kriyas, bandhas, different meditation techniques.  This includes the basic understanding of Human Anatomy and Physiology that develops a deep understanding of complex yoga posture ailments and injuries. The different meditation practices will help you to cultivate the inner strength with peaceful mental state. 

As a non-profit organization, we have specialized in making yogic education accessible to everyone. During the training, our aim is to create a yogic discipline, diet and ayurvedic cleaning processes in your daily routine. The entire training modules are designed to deepen your understanding of yoga and develop you as a competent and confident yoga professional, mentor, and practitioner. Our tuition fee takes care of everything including airport pick up, housing, food and an unforgettable journey!

Who can join the 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Anyone who is aspiring to be a yoga teacher or yoga professional in future or wants to deepen their yoga practices. It will open the door for new opportunities for new careers.  After this teacher training, you will be able to teach yoga internationally and register with the Yoga Alliance. Our post-graduate assistant will help you with the process of obtaining work & answer your questions even after the course.

Next Training Schedule

Course Dates in 2020

January 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 06/01/2020-30/01/2020 – Booked Out

February 2020: (@Rishikesh, 25 Days) 03/02/2020-27/02/2020 – Booked Out

March 2020: (@Rishikesh, RYS-200, 25 Days) 02/03/2020-26/03/2020 – Available seats: 4

April 2020: (@Rishikesh, RYS-200, 25 Days) 01/04/2020-25/04/2020 – Available seats: 4

May 2020: (@Rishikesh, RYS-200, 25 Days) 01/05/2020-25/05/2020 – Available seats: 6

June 2020: (@Rishikesh, RYS-200, 25 Days) 01/06/2020-25/06/2020 – Available seats: 9

July 2020: (@Rishikesh, RYS-200, 25 Days) 01/07/2020-25/07/2020 – Available seats: 6

August 2020: (@Rishikesh, RYS-200, 25 Days) 01/08/2020-25/08/2020 –Available seats: 9

September 2020: (@Rishikesh, RYS-200, 25 Days) 01/09/2020-25/09/2020 – Available seats: 9

October 2020: (@Rishikesh, RYS-200, 25 Days) 01/10/2020-25/10/2020 – Available seats: 9

November 2020:(@Rishikesh, RYS-200, 21 Days) 01/11/2020-21/10/2020 – Available seats: 9

December 2020:(@Rishikesh, RYS-200, 21 Days) 01/12/2020-21/10/2020 – Available seats: 9


Daily Schedule at Gyan Yog Breath

6:00 AM

We start the day with Shatkarma or Shatkriya which are necessary parts of yoga to eliminate toxins, mucous blockages and headache. Through these purifying “six actions”, you will feel lighter and more aware of your inner energy channels.

7:00 AM

Controlling your breath with daily Pranayama techniques has a calming and cooling effect on your body and mind. Experience total stillness, peace and mental clarity. With a regular Pranayama practice, you will learn how to expand your vital energy or life force (=Prana) and be able to teach its healing effects as part of a yoga or therapy class.

8:00 AM

Enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea

8:15 AM
Hatha Asana

Smooth, challenging and well-selected asana combinations aim to increase your vitality and harmonize body with mind. The morning asana practice will help you to advance your practice, gain flexibility and a better understanding of each posture.

mental well-being

10:00 AM

Re-charge the temple of your soul, your body, with a nourishing brunch. For brunch, you will be served oats with home-made coconut or soy milk, fresh fruits, dalia, poha, bread, home-made peanut butter or aloo paratha.

11:00 AM
Anatomy or Alignment 

Dive deeply into the physiology and anatomy of yoga to truly understand about your body and relation to asana. Here you will cover the main body systems including the nervous-, cardiovascular-, digestive-, skeletal-, muscular- and endocrine system. With various case examples and an interactive outline, you will learn how postures effect your body. Become familiar with the Sanskrit names, benefits and correct alignment of each pose.

12:00 PM
Philosophyor Ayurveda

Studying the ancient scriptures such as the Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita will connect your practice with the theory behind it and answer open questions about your mind, life and thought process. The Ayurveda aspect of the course aims to give you a broad understanding about the pitta, vata, kaphadoshas and how to balance your body using the right combinations, properties and nutrition. This class is held by our gold medallist Dr Vipul Arya.

2:00 PM
Karma Yoga

Contribute to a clean and healthy environment. You get to re-plant new plants (roses, tulsi, flowers, aloe vera & more), do social work with slum children or paint/create.

2:30 AM
Break & Study Time

Take a nap, reflect, study or explore the beautiful city with your new yogi friends.

4:00 PM

The afternoon asana practice connects you to your body and develops self-realization, acceptance and strength. A mix of hatha and flow (and Ashtanga during the third week) will challenge, motivate and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Plus, it prepares your to teach your own classes and sequences.

yoga makes you happy

6:00 PM
Emotional Blockage® or Meditation

The stress of the modern lifestyle can create tension and suppression of emotions. Through Emotional Blockage® you will learn how to release these blockages and have your energy flow at its maximum again. Remove past trauma, pain and repetitive negative thoughts through this unique course module introduced by Swami Bipin Gyan.
The Meditation practices focus on keeping yourself grounded and your emotional freedom balanced. You will cover various techniques such as Transformational Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Om Meditation, Silent Meditation, Candle Light Meditation and much more.

Emotional Blockage Treatment

7:30 PM

End your day with a delicious dinner and good company.

Dinner in Yoga Traning

Training Fees & Tuition

The standard fee for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is:  $1800 per person or $3500 USD for two people.

  • Register your seat 2 months prior course start: $1700, for two people – $3300
  • Register your seat 3 months prior course start: $1650,  for two people – $3200
  • Register your seat 4 month prior course start: $1400, for two people – $2700

The fees include:

  • 25 days shared accommodation
  • Two nutritious vegetarian meals per day + unlimited fruits
  • Free Airport pick up from DED
  • White school T Shirt
  • Complete 200 Hour curriculum
  • 2 Course books
  • All course materials
  • A new yoga mat 
  • Filtered water, tea, coffee
  • Three weekend excursions

Note: The standard fee includes shared twin accommodation, attached bathroom, hot water, all meals, course books, materials, yoga mat and taxi transfer from Dehradun Airport.
For Private accommodation, AC or heating, we charge 200$ extra each.

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