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12 Days of Profound Transformation

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What Makes This 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Unique?

Gyan Yog Breath is one of the oldest and most experienced yoga schools in India. The 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training connects ancient yogic wisdom with contemporary teaching methodologies in a caring and supportive learning environment.
We provide the best yogic education due to our decades of teaching experience and constant quest for improvement. Our highly qualified, compassionate team of teachers is ready to take this journey with you!

When is the next training?

Course Dates in 2019

January 2019: (@Rishikesh,  12 Days) 01/01/2019-12/01/2019 – BOOKED OUT

February 2019: (@Rishikesh,  12 Days) 01/02/2019-12/02/2019 – Available seats: BOOKED OUT

March 2019: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/03/2019-12/03/2019 – Available seats: BOOKED OUT

April 2019: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/04/2019-12/04/2019 – BOOKED OUT

May 2019: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/05/2019-12/05/2019 – Available seats: 1

June 2019: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/06/2019-12/06/2019 – Available seats: 2

July 2019: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/07/2019-12/07/2019 – Available seats: 2

August 2019: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/08/2019-12/08/2019 – Available seats: 3

September 2019: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/09/2019-12/09/2019 – Available seats: 4

October 2019: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/10/2019-12/10/2019 – Available seats: 3

November 2019: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/11/2019-12/11/2019 – Available seats: 5

December 2019: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/11/2019-12/11/2019 – Available seats: 5

Course Dates in 2020

January 2020: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 06/01/2020-18/01/2020 – Available seats: 6

February 2020: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 03/02/2020-15/02/2020 – Available seats: 6

March 2020: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/03/2020-12/03/2020 – Available seats: 7

April 2020: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/04/2020-12/04/2020 – Available seats: 8

May 2020: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/05/2020-12/05/2020 – Available seats: 9

June 2020: (@Rishikesh, 12 Days) 01/06/2020-12/06/2020 – Available seats: 11

What you’ll learn in a typical day at Gyan Yog Breath Yoga School

6:00 – 7:00 AM

  • Clear your nasal cavities and experience lightness
  • Remove excess mucous, headaches and tightness.
  • Learn the benefits and impact of shatkarma (purification actions)

7:00 – 8:00 AM
Meditation and Pranayama

  • Calm your mental fluctuations
  • Connect with your life force (prana)
  • Purify your body

8:00 AM

Enjoy a warm cup of Herbal Tea

8:15 AM
Hatha Asana

  • Tone your body through body balancing asana sequences
  • Learn the English and Sanskrit names of the postures
  • Gain mental clarity, flexibility and will-power

10:00 AM

Re-charge your body with a nourishing delicious breakfast consisting of fruits, oats, poha, dalia, idli, sprouts, bread, home made peanut butter and hot drinks

11:00 AM

  • Learn about the digestive, cardiovascular and skeletal system
  • Understand about muscles, joints and tendons
  • Connect your asana practice to the anatomy behind it
  • Learn how postures affect specific muscles

12:00 PM

  • Study the ancient scriptures
  • Learn about the Patanjali Yog Sutras
  • Gain an understanding of the history, evolution and importance of yoga

1:00 PM

Energize your body and mind with a home-made lunch and enjoy a great variety of veggies, soups, salads, pulses and grains.

4:00 PM
Hatha Asana

  • Improve your physical and mental health
  • Elevate your yoga practice to more advanced levels
  • Increase patience, concentration and stability

5:30 AM
Emotional Blockage®

  • Learn about emotional blockages, energy and pain
  • Free yourself and others from emotional blockages
  • Maintain your freedom through transformational breathing

7:30 PM

End your day with a delicious dinner and good company

100 Yoga Teacher Training Fees &Tuition

The standard course fees for the 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training are: 800 USD

The fees include:

  • 12 days shared double accommodation, WIFI & hot water
  • Three freshly prepared meals per day
  • FREE Airport pick up from Dehradun
  • White School T-Shirt
  • Two Course books
  • A New yoga mat
  • Filtered water, tea and coffee
  • Two weekend excursions


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